Vaughan Williams     Five Mystical Songs   with conductor Patrick DupréQuigley at the National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

Vaughan Williams  Five Mystical Songs  with conductor Patrick DupréQuigley at the National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

"Michael Nyby sings Oberleutnant Helmut Brummer-Patzig, captain of U86. It’s a thankless role as the one truly unsympathetic character in the piece and Nyby captures the required nastiness with his characteristically powerful, incisive baritone."

-John Gilks, Opera CanadaLlandovery Castle, Bicycle Opera Project


"The program continued with Williams’s “Five Mystical Songs,” with the baritone soloist Michael Nyby lyrical and able...showing vocal muscle as well as vocal beauty."

-Anne Midgette, The Washington PostFive Mystical Songs and Dvorák Te Deum, Cathedral Choral Society


"Baritone Michael Nyby gives a thrilling performance as Bummerli.  His voice is large, lush and expressive and his every contribution is thoughtful and well-judged.  He sings Bummerli’s main solo “If We Could Do What We’ve a Mind To” in Act 2 beautifully, subtly bringing out all its irony.  He also is a fine comic actor.  Add to this his good looks and it is perfectly logical that the three women of the house should protect this chocolate-loving enemy soldier from discovery."

-Christopher Hoile, Stage Door ReviewsThe Chocolate Soldier, Toronto Operetta Theatre


Bummerli in  The Chocolate Soldier,  Toronto Operetta Theatre

Bummerli in The Chocolate Soldier, Toronto Operetta Theatre

"Nyby is consistently engaging as Dandini, with just the right touch of exaggeration when disguised as the Prince, and what a fine baritone he is." 

-Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal. La Cenerentola, Edmonton Opera


"But it’s Dandini (Michael Nyby) who really steals the show. It’s as if director Robert Herriot gave him the green light to have as much fun on stage as possible. From the moment Dandini walks down the house isle disguised as Prince Ramiro—liberally employing a royal wave—the energy from the audience blooms. Without exaggeration, Dandini must have spent at least seven minutes of the production lying on his back, still singing while dodging broomsticks, kicks, and platters of food. He has an uncanny knack for singing with a punchable grin on his face at all times."

-Kevin Pennyfeather, Vue Weekly. La Cenerentola, Edmonton Opera


As Dandini in  La Cenerentola  with Edmonton Opera

As Dandini in La Cenerentola with Edmonton Opera



"Le jeune baryton canado-américain originaire de Hamilton Michael Nyby a été brillant dans l’interprétation de l’air très attendu The trumpet shall sound (La trompette sonnera) qui précède le choral final."

-Pierre Meunier, La LibertéMessiah, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra



"But it was Michael Nyby’s Seth that really stole the show. Maybe it’s the unfortunate truth of all drama, but despite Singer and Togni’s desire to show that harmony and peacefulness win out in the end over evil and destruction, the Devil, as they say, has all the good tunes. Nyby’s Seth, although somewhat uni-dimensional in his fierce malevolent pride, overwhelms all the other characters in the opera. He makes his poor brother, Osiris, look like a naïve sap. His sexual appeal to his widowed sister, Osiris, is visceral. His love of power is overwhelming. He’s sort of a cross between Richard the Third, Lucifer and Donald Trump. And Nyby gave Seth everything he had, singing and acting the role with great force."

-Robert Harris, The Globe and MailIsis and Osiris, Opera in Concert




With Lucia Cesaroni in  Isis and Osiris , Opera in Concert

With Lucia Cesaroni in Isis and Osiris, Opera in Concert

"In a crowd-pleasing turn as the despicable Seth, baritone Michael Nyby repeatedly stole the show. Dangerous is the villain with charisma and an heroic strut. Nyby’s vicious offhand characterization was positively lethal. His broad, muscular voice, dripping with venom, body taut, eyes flashing contempt, the steely singer actor positively shredded the stage, savage, cunning and primal."

-Ian Ritchie, Opera Going TorontoIsis and Osiris, Opera in Concert


"By far the best performance was that of Michael Nyby as Danilo. His stage presence was both natural and commanding, and his lyrical baritone, with just a touch of dark colours in it, is rich and effortless." 

-Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal. The Merry Widow, Edmonton Opera


Danilo in  The Merry Widow , Edmonton Opera

Danilo in The Merry Widow, Edmonton Opera


"Michael Nyby played the amoral Count, his strong baritone producing a show-stopping 'Vedrò, mentr'io sospiro'."

-Dawn Martens, Opera Canada. Le Nozze di Figaro, Highlands Opera Studio



"Nyby has incredible control and command of his tender and rich baritone"

-Kyle Poluyko, The Walleye. Carmina Burana, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra"




"You would never know Michael Nyby hails from Ontario, Canada – he wrapped his big baritone around those Southern vowels as if he was born drinking sweet tea. His performance as Rev. Brent Colgate was one of the big surprises of the evening, for this reviewer – his initial air of sexy danger gave way in the third act to a palpable sense of evil that kind of unnerved even the co-librettist."

-Mark Childress, Birmingham RawGeorgia Bottoms, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra


The Count in  Le nozze di Figaro,  Highlands Opera Studio

The Count in Le nozze di Figaro, Highlands Opera Studio

"Baritone Michael Nyby gave a spectacular performance as Julia's Uncle Josef. I thought his was some of the best singing of the night. Michael had enormous power that overflowed from the stage, making me think of Verdi baritones, and making me itch to hear more of him in Toronto."

-Jenna Douglas, SchmoperaThe Cousin from Nowhere, Toronto Operetta Theatre


"Completing this quartet of perfectly believable, always intelligent performances is Michael Nyby, opera singer by profession, turned actor with this play. He’s handsome as any Cinderella’s Prince, sings like a nightingale and adds emotional fabric to the proceedings."

-Gary Smith, Hamilton SpectatorThe Last Romance, Theatre Aquarius


Young Ralph in  The Last Romance , Theatre Aquarius

Young Ralph in The Last Romance, Theatre Aquarius

"Le cycle a été superbement chanté par Michael Nyby. Le jeune baryton ontarien a une voix au timbre lyrique clair et léger, bien formée, avec une tessiture très étendue. Sa diction est impeccable et il récite le texte avec beaucoup de sensibilité."

-Pierre Meunier, La Liberté.  200 Dreams from Captivity, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra


"Baritone Michael Nyby ably negotiated the many challenges of his vocal part, which stretches up into the tenor stratosphere many times while also requiring stentorian masculinity."

-John Terauds, Musical Toronto. Carmina Burana, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.